Local Benefits

The construction of the Utopia pipeline will generate approximately 900 local, skilled labor jobs and five full-time ongoing positions in Ohio. The economic impact of construction will be significant, as workers will reside locally and rely upon Ohio businesses, contractors and support services during the construction period.

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Preserving & Protecting the Environment

The process for selecting the pipeline route was designed to minimize the project’s impact on the environment, landowners and communities, and was conducted in a deliberate and thoughtful manner. Kinder Morgan has considered and will continue to consider a number of factors, including impacts on the environment and existing land uses.

Kinder Morgan’s design criteria for new facilities include detailed professional surveys and studies. It also entails the review and approval by federal and state agencies to avoid and minimize impacts to critical and sensitive habitats and lands, such as wetlands, threatened and endangered species, culturally sensitive areas and public lands, to the extent practicable and feasible. We also identify and mark wetlands and culturally important sites that need to be avoided during construction.

We choose only qualified and experienced professionals to construct the pipeline, and employ specially trained environmental and archaeological inspectors to monitor these areas during the construction process. By doing this, we minimize the impact of construction activities within these areas. After construction we ensure that the site is thoroughly cleaned up. Then we restore the land, as close as possible, to its original condition.

As we refine the route during the planning and permitting process, we consider a number of factors including landowner concerns, environmental issues, cultural resources and constructibility. We will work closely with interested parties, including impacted landowners and local, state and federal agencies, in selecting the preferred routing.

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