About Utopia

Utopia Pipeline Project Route

The Utopia pipeline is a $500 million common carrier project, which will include a new approximately 215-mile, 12-inch diameter pipeline constructed entirely within the State of Ohio from Harrison County to Fulton County. Download the Utopia Pipeline Project Map.

The new Utopia Pipeline will connect with and utilize existing Kinder Morgan pipeline and facilities to move ethane and ethane-propane mixtures eastward to Windsor, Ontario.

These ethane and ethane-propane mixtures are initially planned to be used primarily as a feedstock for producing plastics that will be made into products, such as containers, bottles, home rugs and automotive parts. These products will largely be distributed to manufacturers, businesses and homes throughout the larger Great Lakes region.

Utopia Pipeline Project’s Role

The Utopia Pipeline Project will help meet the growing demand for Ohio’s Utica Shale energy by safely delivering refined or fractionated products to its customers. The Utopia pipeline system will have an initial capacity of 50,000 barrels per day (bpd). The pipeline capacity can be expanded to more than 75,000 bpd with the construction of additional pump stations.