Our Commitment

Doing business the right way, every day, is paramount at Kinder Morgan. We recognize that operating thousands of miles of pipelines and hundreds of terminals across North America is a huge responsibility. To protect the public, our employees and the environment, we invest millions of dollars each year on integrity management and maintenance programs to operate our assets safely.

At Kinder Morgan, being a good corporate citizen goes well beyond operating our assets safely. We are committed to employing sustainable business practices, conducting ourselves in an ethical and responsible manner, and complying with applicable laws, rules and regulations.

In short, we aim to foster mutually beneficial relationships with our stakeholders today to shape a better tomorrow.

Pipeline Safety

Kinder Morgan is committed to public safety, protection of the environment, and operation of its facilities in compliance with all applicable rules and regulations. The company is proud of its safety record and follows many regulations and procedures to monitor and ensure the integrity of its pipelines.

The Utopia Pipeline Project is committed to safely operating and maintaining the new pipeline and associated facilities. Along with our regular visual inspections, we will monitor the pipeline continuously using state-of-the-art equipment. We mark the pipeline at road crossings, fence lines and other areas and the right-of-way is maintained so that it is clearly identifiable. Neighbors who live along the right-of-way also are encouraged to contact us if they have any questions or see or hear anything that concerns them.

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A number of federal and state agencies will be involved in the approval and oversight of the Utopia Pipeline Project, including the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Ohio Department of Natural Resources and Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.  The rates, terms and conditions for transportation of the products by pipeline will be governed by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission tariffs for product movements in the United States.

EHS Performance

Kinder Morgan is proud to note that we outperform the industry averages in almost all safety and release related categories, and we publish our environmental, health and safety performance on our website to be transparent about our work.

These reports track our performance on employee safety and agency reportable releases and incidents, and compare the company’s most recent 12 months of performance data to its peers and to its own previous three years of performance.

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For more information, visit our Safety and Environment page at KinderMorgan.com